Biosysan 贝皙妍

BRAND:Biosysan 贝皙妍

Biosysan brand products are mainly aimed at the repair and daily care of problem skin. According to the pathogenesis of each skin problem, we search for active substances with specific medicinal effects and develop prescription grade products that can be applied to clinical dermatology. Products in strict accordance with the strict standards established by dermatology experts, no addition of flavor, color, alcohol and other sensitive substances, ingredients as simple and safe as possible, the English brand BIO is an abbreviation of biotechnology, hoping to rebuild a healthy skin barrier through biotechnology. The main selling point of the product is to add imported prebiotics, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, and achieve the balance of the skin flora, and then the African plant extract has a precise effect on the sensitization effect, suitable for long-term daily use of sensitive skin.

贝皙妍品牌产品主要针对问题肌肤的修复,日常护理,根据每种皮肤问题的发病机制,寻找具备特定药用功效的活性物质,研制出可应用于皮肤科临床的处方级产品。产品严格按照皮肤科专家制定的严格标准,绝无添加香精色素,酒精等容易引起敏感的物质,成分尽量做到精简安全,品牌英文BIO 是生物科技的缩写,希望也是通过生物科技重建健康的皮肤屏障。产品主要卖点是加入进口益生元,促进有益菌生长,抑制病原菌,达到皮肤的菌群平衡,然后非洲植物提取物对于舒敏作用效果确切,适合敏感肌肤长期日常使用。


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